Our Services


The primary responsibility of the SENAF  is to offer services to francophone newcomers who have chosen to settle in Edmonton and Northern Alberta. This responsibility is taken on with the sole objective of facilitating their settlement and integration in the local and Canadian francophone communities according to the objectives and criteria of the PROGRAM FOR ESTABLISHMENT AND ADAPTATION OF IMMIGRANTS (PEAI)/PROGRAM OF INTEGRATED SERVICES (PEAI) of Citizenship and Immigration Canada. To meet this noble objective the SENAF offers a wide variety of services which answer the establishment needs identified and evaluated by francophone newcomers:


We will make you aware of and mobilize you so that you will be able to access those services which will facilitate your settlement.

To learn more, refer to our folders and signs. You can also see the announcement which we publish weekly in Le Franco newspaper, or see our monthly bulletin which provides for the community and for newcomers detailed information about our activities, our services, and our resources.

We also use popular social media such as the Web, Facebook, and Twitter.


On your arrival we will inform you about and direct you to the francophone community, its organizations and structures, to the City of Edmonton, and to the municipality of Fort McMurray; we will also inform you about life in Canada, the school system, the health system, Canadian laws, etc.


We will accompany you and interpret and translate all documents and other services not offered in French which can affect your settlement and integration process.


To those who are faced with a crisis related to their adaptation and integration in their new milieu, we offer appropriate advice and may refer them to the available resources within the community.


Alberta being predominantly an English province, the SENAF can help you in looking for

  • Francophone schools for your children
  • Private or subsidized housing
  • Resources available from government organisations
  • English courses
  • Medical services
  • Health insurance card
  • Social assistance card
  • Need for an interpreter
  • Forms to fill out
  • Driver’s license
  • Immigration documents
  • Many other services on a case by case basis