Finished Tools

Information, it is said, is power. That is something which the SENAF  has well understood. To do this the Centre has made available for its clients the tools necessary for them to achieve this power and to make judicious and informed choices which will help their establishment and integration in Edmonton and northern Alberta. Some of these tools are the booklets below.


Guide for the Francophone Newcomer to Edmonton

You have just landed in Edmonton to establish yourself and you are looking for people or organisations to help your development in French; this support and orientation tool will give you the information necessary for the first months of your arrival in Alberta.


Guide for Parents of Francophone Students. My First Steps in Francophone Education in Alberta

You are a parent and have important questions to ask about your child’s first steps in a francophone school in Alberta. How do you establish good relations with the new academic environment in which your child will grow? You want to know more about the resources and the partners which might underlie this experience so that it might have a welcome ending. Here is a tool which will answer all your questions.


Immigrant Dreams and Realities

You have just arrived and you want to discover the route of those who came here before you. You are curious and want to learn more about their realities, attainments, and potentialities so that you can adjust and avoid certain dangers. Here is a collection of testimonies from francophone immigrants.


Kit for the Newcomer

To better equip you on your arrival, the SENAF makes available various tools to facilitate your orientation. Thus you will not be searching blind.


The Integration of Francophone Immigrants in Western Canada

The SENAF  wishes to construct a francophony which is multicultural and inclusive. Here it presents the papers from the conference organised for this objective by the researchers and organisms which have adopted this vision and wish to centre their action in order to realize this community project.


The Francophone School: Guide for Parents

This booklet presents information and suggestions which you might want to adopt to better help your child in school.